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The biggest myth about business names and trade marks

The biggest myth about business names and trade marks

16.02.10 | Business news

“If you believe registering your business name will stop other businesses using the same name, you’re not alone. Many small business owners are operating under this popular misconception, which could prove a costly experience, both financially and emotionally.” Read on

IP Australia Smart Start – 10 Steps

A Push to Stop Smoking Marijuana
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A Fusion of Japanese Latin Flair
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How To Get Cheap Dior sunglasses
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How to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags
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Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript
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The 4 Big Fix and Flip Mistakes
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Cool Fashion Alternative To Your Coat And Tie
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What to Wear to a Class Reunion
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How to manage your creative work and intellectual property online

How to manage your creative work and intellectual property online

04.02.10 | Business news

“It is with a hard heart that I write this post today. It has come to our attention that a design, The Pocket Light by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee (Ryan Harc), was stolen, produced and sold unlicensed under another brand… In many ways the Internet is a new medium when it comes to the management of intellectual property. Many designers are still struggling to reconcile its power of reach versus control of information flow. Here are some of my thoughts on managing creative content on the Internet.” (Read on)

Brian Ling Yanko Design

The Injury Claims Process Simplified
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Get Latest and Exclusive Kolkata News through Namaskar Kolkata
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How to Clean Men s Suit
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Look Trendy with Plain T
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List of Jobs Related to Fashion Design
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A Brief Introduction To Fashion Belt
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3 young women pose for the camera at New York Fashion Week
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Training Education Needed to Become a Fashion Designer
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Which social network is right for your small business?

Which social network is right for your small business?

“The paradox for SMEs is that the best results from social networking occur after a considerable time investment – something that is in very short supply in smaller business. ” (Read on)

Craig Reardon SmartCompany

The 6 Worst Attempts at Damage Control in Political Scandals
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Fashion For Her That He Hates
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2nd round of the Gap x GQ collection is out Baldwin
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Careers As a Couture Fashion Designer
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Could the Cape Fly in Modern Fashion
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Retro Style is Still Hot
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Discovering the One Who Keeps His Word
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Special Professionals for Big Purpose
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Lock down the point of supply

Lock down the point of supply

“To drive growth in any business you need to find some point of difference which can give you a head start on the competition. You need a competitive advantage which is sufficiently important to your target market that you get the business rather than your competitors.. The conventional answer is usually strong intellectual property position but not every business can create this advantage. However, a little more creative thinking might suggest that you try to gain control over an item of supply which is essential to the end-user solution. You then own the entire supply chain.” Read on

Tom McKaskill SmartCompany

Should Petite Girls Wear Ankle Boots With Leggings
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Fashion for prenatal fitness in Toronto
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Cool Fashion Alternative To Your Coat And Tie
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Fashion Trends in the 1910s
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I See by Your Outfit That You Are a Cowboy
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Free Mac Makeup Samples UK
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your Cute Trendy Clothes Wholesaler
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Nicole Scherzinger is a knockout at Men In Black 3 Berlin premiere
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A sprinkling of grants wisdom

A sprinkling of grants wisdom

10.11.09 | Business news

“With more applications received than there is money available to fund projects, consider these tips when writing your grant application.” Read on

Design Victoria

250 next week Sept 19th
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Are Women Attracted To Nice Guys
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What Color Shirt to Wear to Make Eyes Look Bluer
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Keep Up with Fashion China Jewelry Trends at Bargain Prices
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6 Amazing Movie Crossovers Hollywood Should Be Making Now
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Why Italian Shoes Really Are The Best Quality
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New York Couture Fashion Week
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Hank Pym character will not suit up for
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Email marketing: Ring a bell, get a food pellet

Email marketing: Ring a bell, get a food pellet

10.11.09 | Business news

“Email marketing can be tough. Your strategy and execution doesn’t have to be that bad for it to shut down communication with customers… You’d imagine that the consumer judges each new unread email from you independently of previous emails. But you’d be wrong.” Read on

Alan Jones Australian Anthill

the FBI and White House parties video
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Steampunk costuming at the Willits Kinetic Carnivale on Sept
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Commodities Are In Fashion Despite Eurozone Influence
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Why Join a Fashion Design Program
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Wholesale Belts The true designer fashion accessories
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Things To Do In Newport Beach From Learning To Surf
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How to Create a Fashion Marketing Presentation Portfolio
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5 Style Tips for the Regular Guy
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How to create an international e-business

How to create an international e-business

10.11.09 | Business news

“The internet literally brings home the idea of a globalised world, but e-businesses cannot afford to be complacent about the global customer when it comes to exporting. Here’s a guide on how to think global, act digital and create an international e-business.” Read on

Adeline Teoh Dynamic Export

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at Twilight Breaking Dawn Premiere
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White House Black Market friends and family sale starts November 9th
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Canopy Beds For Your Home Page 1 of 2
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All kinds of wedding dresses
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Bulk packages from Institutions and private sources
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Secrets of an American Teenager
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Banana Republic goes ‘Mad’ for 60s Mod Photos
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Fake it til you make it: 10 ways to make your business appear bigger than it is

Fake it til you make it: 10 ways to make your business appear bigger than it is

27.10.09 | Business news

“Being perceived as professional by outsiders is a common challenge for small businesses. Many startups reach a stage where meeting clients in cafes no longer cuts it. Here are 10 simple ways that your company can make itself look bigger it is.” Read on

Rowena Murray Australian Anthill

7 Easy Tips to Loose Weight Instantly
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Guidelines on Buying Quality Sunglasses Online
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What Is a Good Dress for a Woman With a Big Belly
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Top 5 TV Characters with Fashion Glasses
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Beautify your Nails with Stylish Nail Art Designs Accessories
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Best Karen Millen Dress for Women
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Explore the New Heights of Elegance
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Apparel Maker Performance Indicates Diverging Consumer Demand
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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

20.10.09 | Business news

“In its infancy, most business owners will reinvest all their cash back into their own enterprise to maintain control of their own destiny. But diversification is the key to any great entrepreneur and it is important to avoid putting all your eggs in the one basket in case it goes belly-up.” Read on

Alex Tilbury

Nasuni Launches Cloud Mirroring Feature to Storage Solution
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The Unwavering Demands for Nurses in the Country
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The Best Ways to Raise Private Money
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5 Names For Reloading After Or During The Pullback
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How to Become a Fashion Journalist
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How To Put On a Girdle
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Offering Airsoft Enthusiasts with BB Guns and Accessories
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Does It Suck Movie Review
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Selling to new Japan

Selling to new Japan

06.10.09 | Business news

“With a trade relationship with Australia stretching back more than half a century, Japan shouldn’t be dismissed as an export market, despite economic woes and the rise of its neighbour China. Read the headlines about Japan’s economy over the past year and you’d be forgiven for believing it was the land of the setting sun. If you think Japan is entering its twilight years as one of the world’s great economies, however, you’d be underestimating its intrinsic power.” Read on

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Deena Cortese walks the catwalk Photos
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Spell it Out With Handmade and Handcrafted Jewellery
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We’ve been winning in crazy fashion for years
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What is the inspiration behind the Seiko Sportura Watches
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What Are the Dimensions of a Fashion Runway
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How to Choose the Best Hair Stylist for Your Sedu Hairstyle
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New York Early Childhood Education
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Hublot replica watches works as well as the original Hublot at watchcopiez
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Transform your design business

Transform your design business

06.10.09 | Business news

“Design Victoria has launched Transform Your Design Business, an online guide that equips Victorian designers with the know-how to successfully navigate the grants space and write strong grant applications. It seeks to ensure designers can take full advantage of grants and assistance available to them, to help fund new design initiatives for local and international markets and kick-start growth and success.” Read on

Design Victoria

Baby Gaga Lands Fashion Designer Gig
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Ideas for a 80s Rock Party Theme
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Men’s Big and Tall Clothing
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Perfect guide to wear leather leggings
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Need Help With A Nautical Themed Party Attire
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nothing beats an original one
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The world’s largest yard sale is Saturday
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How to Dress Indie for Girls
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Do You Put on Sunblock Before the Makeup Primer
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Think About Starting A Fashion Design Business
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Finding the best vintage fashion apparels
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5 Ways The English Language Has Gone To Hell
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How to Put Together a Fashion Show
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What Kind of Salary Does a Fashion Buyer Earn
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Be Wise When Shopping For Designer Costumes Online
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The Miniskirt A British Style Icon
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