— Going to market

How to crack the US retail mass market

“Almost every Australian company dreams of one day exporting its consumer products, inventions and ideas to the US retail mass market. How could you not dream about it? I do. The US retail mass market can take you from little league to major league, outstripping your sales in Australia many times… if you can crack it! But how do you crack it? Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of CEOs or Sales Managers from Australia think it’s easy. It’s not.” Read on

Chad Hetherington Australian Anthill

DIY Log Bookends Add Weight and Sophistication to Your Open Shelving
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7 Times to Wear Replica Jewelry
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Hi Styles with Trendy Colors
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A look back at the best of Cannes
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Featuring the Young French Fashion Culture
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Kate Middleton is Pregnant and Was Diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum
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Indian Saree Sari Bulk Supplier
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Paying Careers Worth Looking Into
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Published 30 September 2009.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s startup advice

“Aspiring entrepreneurs must constantly navigate the tension between doing what they love and the realities of the market. Sometimes those interests align: Bill Gates and Paul Allen loved to write software, and happened to be doing it at the dawn of a multibillion-dollar industry. But more often, entrepreneurs walk a high wire between pursuing passion and the market opportunity where they have the greatest chance to succeed.” Read on

John Tozzi BusinessWeek

From Fashion to Chord Overstreet Collaboration
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Pippa Middleton plays the ultimate rock goddess in leather
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trend for Women Tissot Watches
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New fashion trends of winter sports
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The Most Amazing Swimsuits of All Time
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Suffice your Need of Boots with Uggs
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With Mud Flaps At The Back
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ETFs For Dividend Growth Investors
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Published 29 September 2009.

Creative collaborations and other essential C words

“It can be stimulating and inspiring to work with other creative people on new projects, so it’s worth thinking about what makes creative collaborations work well… Collaborations work best when people with complementary skills come together to work on a project – for example a writer and illustrator. If the project is to be a commercial success as well as a creative achievement, then other so-called ‘non-creative’ people might be needed too.” Read on

David Parrish Creative Choices

fitting clothing but am wondering whether I might be going too far
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How to Get Banking Jobs
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What current fashion trend do you hate or think is absolutely ridiculous
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Launching the New Breed of GHD Rare Hair Strengtheners with Limited Edition
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Ban Aviators or something similar in the EU cheaply
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Retro Tees Are Some Popular Trendy Clothes for Women
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How To Market Exhibition Stands
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Fushigi Yugi Suzaku Box Set
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Published 28 September 2009.

Have a ‘green’ career

“Is it idealistic to plan for a green career? Whether your working day is spent at home, in an office, studio, or on the road, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re being as environmentally conscious as possible. You don’t necessarily have to be a visual artist using recycled materials. Whichever creative sector you’re in, think how you can stand out as a green role model. Here are some considerations you may want to take on board. Hopefully they’ll inspire you and give you something to talk about with your friends and colleagues.” Read on

Momtaz Begum-Hossain Creative Choices

Peter Thomas Roth’s Camu Camu Collection
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Organizational Objectives for Planning a Fashion Show
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Work clothes for curvy figures
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A Bit More Complex than You Might Think
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ATL celebrates grand opening of Emerlyn Ester boutique with Moneyetta
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Vintage Foods to Make for Picnics
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Peeling off the Layers for Performance
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Diversity News Magazine Announces Media Partnership with L
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Published 21 September 2009.

Three best ways to convert web traffic into sales

“These days, the tech-savvy small business is using search engine optimisation to steer customers to its home page. But once those online visitors land, how do you get them to buy? Sure, you can pay a lot for site analytics that give you insights into those potential customers’ shopping habits. But small-business owners now have a variety of simple yet effective tools to tempt visitors into opening their wallets.” Read on

Raymund Flandez The Wall Street Journal

Hyatt Summerfield Suites Scottsdale Old Town
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Different Dance Wear for Kids
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Top Spring Fashion Tips When You Are On A Lean Budget
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How to Become a Fashion Editor
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On New Tax Management Possibilities
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Philips SHH7908 female cell phone headset
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Fashion on a Budget for Everyone
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Published 08 September 2009.

How to export like an expert

“Are you thinking about exporting your product or service? If so, congratulations, exciting times are certainly ahead of you. Yet with the thrill of launching your offering into a new market comes many challenges, including deciding which country to export to, how to get into the market and how to make sure it’s profitable and deliverable. So, where to begin? Here are three steps to help you export like an expert.” Read on

Steve Dowling Australian Anthill

What Did the Men Wear in the Roaring Twenties
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Sexiest Clothes To Wear Things To Do To Look And Feel Sexy
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7 Ad Campaigns That Prove Microsoft Was Never Good at This
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David Beckham wears the EPIC II
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Mary Kate Ashley Olsen’s holiday line for J
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How Do I Look Good in Wide Leg Jeans This Winter
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Eco Friendly Lines Rules Trends Of Fashion Lifestyle Week
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War of the Damned Blu
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Published 11 August 2009.

Chasing every customer is a recipe for disaster

“One of the worst steps you can take in business is attracting and accepting the wrong type of customers. This situation takes me back to one of my previous businesses.” Read on

Paul Groth Australian Anthill

10 Mustache Styles That Must Be Stopped
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Commerce China Dangdang Management Discusses Q3 2013 Results
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Watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6
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How To Get A Piece Of The Increased Spending On Luxury Fashion
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I’ve got no idea what I’m doing with clothes
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The art of fashion and designer Danielle Everine
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Fashion Weather in Washington D
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Is Greece Leaving The Eurozone
christina aguilera weight loss The Galeries Lafayette offers free fashion shows on Wednesdays
Published 16 July 2009.

Six ways to avoid landing in the product failure bin

“A decade ago the ability to generate ideas for businesses was a terrific and unique offering, and often a good business. Many companies and consultants were conducting workshops aimed at coming up with ideas, hundreds of ideas, and getting paid handsomely to do it. Today, it seems most of the businesses I deal with have more than enough ideas, it’s determining the right ones to invest time and energy into that is the trick.” Read on

Mark Dziersk Fast Company

Buy Monogram Canvas Bags at Bagvine
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Where can I buy Alexis Bellino
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How to Make Old Fashioned Potato Salad
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Top 5 New Years Eve Events
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Tales at the 70th Venice Int’l Film Festival
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Northern Soul Music Dance Moves and More
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Fashion Clothes Designed in 1996
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Importance of Having The Right Furniture
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Published 08 July 2009.

When the price is right

“Tougher trading conditions and increasing costs are common concerns for many small businesses in today’s economic environment, but it doesn’t mean that you need to resign yourself to tighter margins and declining profits. What it does require is for those businesses to take a closer look at the fundamentals of their operations – inputs, outputs and pricing.” Read on

Simon Brewis Weston Australian Anthill

Beauty Tips for Teen Girls
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Class similar sets on Tor
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High fashion for the home at C Couture
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TIFF Day 2 Best and Worst Dressed
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The Alternative Fashion Show 2009
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Del Toro’s Trollhunters at DW
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What Are the Benefits of Lactic Acid in Moisturizers
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The History of Custo Barcelona Design
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Published 08 July 2009.

Ten steps to wholesale success

“A livelihood for any wholesaler or distributor relies on getting their products into the retail environment… While the time honoured practice of hitting the pavement and selling your goods to as many retailers as possible is still as much a part of the process as ever, there are other channels that can be used to make you and your product stand out. Here are 10 ways you can maximise your wholesale deliveries.” Read on

Cameron Bayley Dynamic Business

Boost your fashion statement with online shopping
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Creating your Own Winter Fashion
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The New York Times Management Discusses Q3 2013 Results
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Take a Fashion Dive with Modest Swimwear
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Passing And Printing the Buck
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Isabel Caro’s Nude Poster is said to be moving to France
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How to Apply the Hot Color of 2010 in Your Home
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Francesca’s Quick Fashion Brings Results
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Published 08 July 2009.

The ins and outs of consignment

“Success! After gathering up every ounce of confidence, and samples of your work, you finally get a gallery or shop owner to sit down with you. And she wants to sell your work! Suddenly visions of fame, fortune and crafting dance around your head. And then the owner suggests a consignment. But what exactly does consignment mean and how do you know if it’s a good deal for you?” Read on

The Storque, Etsy.com

After”  gathering up every ounce of confidence, and samples of your work, you finally get a gallery or shop owner to sit down with you.  And she wants to sell your work!  Suddenly visions of fame, fortune and crafting dance around your head.  And then the owner suggests a consignment.
But what exactly does consignment mean and how do you know if it’s a good deal for you?
Cindy Crawford fights for reform in Malibu schools
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Boost your fashion statement with online shopping
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The Ultimate in Personal Expression
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The Best Underwear for Golf
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Attractive Rosenthal’s Product in Etabletop
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How to Use a Dry Sauna
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Reasons Why People Gain Weight
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Types of Bangles that Look Gorgeous on Women of Color
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Published 08 July 2009.

How to make your product compelling

“There are those products and services which we have to buy and then there are others which are nice to have. If you want to drive high growth, you need to offer something which customers have to have, where the purchase cannot be delayed or avoided. Nice situation to be in, however most of us aren’t that lucky, but what if you could ride on the back of such an item?” Read on

Tom McKaskill SmartCompany

Teach Yourself Fashion Pattern Making
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a beautiful mess on HubPages
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Timberland boots make your work experience safer and more comfortable
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A Major Sector in India
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Spa Palazzo at Boca Raton Resort Club celebrated partnership with Natura Biss
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Fashion Tips For Short Women
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Can You Really Make Money Selling EBooks
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Specific Information for Herve Leger Sale
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Published 06 July 2009.

The Big O – Being organised!

“Any improvements you make to your business processes will relate directly to your clientele numbers. Which of course relate directly to your balance sheet. It’s simple: being more organised equals more profit. Conversely, a lack of organisation costs your business money.” Read on 

Roz Howland Flying Solo

Flawless Style Tips For Women’s Clothes
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Earnings Trading Pattern for Longs
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Here is Your Great Free Traffic Resource
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Small Business Start Up Loans
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How to Start a Fashion Retail Business
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Styles of Hair for 7
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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
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Cheap Vibram five fingers shoes and Hermes Bags on sale
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Published 06 July 2009.

Which shopping cart should I use?

“OK, this is a question and a topic which I’ve avoided answering for years, simply because it’s an absolute minefield! There are so many carts available with various levels of functionality that critiquing them all will simply take a lifetime. Add to the fact that every business has different requirements means that unless you spend big on a custom cart solution, no single package will cover off every perceived or future requirement you may have…  All that aside, I’ll give you some of my favourites… and I’ve broken it down into several criteria.” Read on

Chris Thomas SmartCompany

OK, this is a question and a topic which I’ve avoided answering for years, simply because it’s an absolute minefield! There are so many carts available with various levels of functionality that critiquing them all will simply take a lifetime.
Add to the fact that every business has different requirements means that unless you spend big on a custom cart solution, no single package will cover off every perceived or future requirement you may have.
Obviously I haven’t used or been exposed to all the carts available either, so it’s impossible to judge all of them! 
All that aside, I’ll give you some of my favourites… and I’ve broken it down into several criteria:
The present situation shows that rates will carry on to rise SBR
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Reincarnation and Alien Soul Tampering
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Bulk packages from Institutions and private sources
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American Eagle Outfitters’ CEO Discusses Q3 2011 Results
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Buy Glamour This Season with Online Shopping for Shoes
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‘RHOBH’ star Kyle Richards on her fashion
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How to Apply for Section 8 in Michigan
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Miami Beach International Fashion Week said good bye
weight loss tips How To Identify Juliana Jewelry
Published 26 June 2009.

Service culture: Encouraging customer loyalty

“Loyal customers return more often, resulting in more sales and lower acquisition costs. Yet many businesses do nothing to encourage loyalty. Here are some simple steps to improve things.” Read on

Jack Fraenkel Flying Solo

A Need For More Options
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Urban Clothing Best Hip Hop Wear
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Gucci Sukey Medium Boston Bag Gucci Sukey Medium Tote
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back to school trends 2013
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How To Deal With Conflict Prickly Personalities
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Residential A blowing wind Generators With Higher Expenditure
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The Piccolo Spoleto Festival begins Friday
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10 Top Internet Video Marketing Tips For Your Work At Home Business
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Published 21 May 2009.

Think twice about being first to market

“New research offers fresh insight on when to launch a product or service, and shows that being first to market isn’t always a competitive advantage. Market opportunities are constantly opening and closing, and a hit idea at one point could be a dud a year earlier or a yawning “me too” business a year later. It’s tough— likely impossible— to pinpoint the best moment to enter a market, but common sense dictates new entrepreneurs can improve their odds if they weigh how much they stand to gain or lose by waiting.” Read on

John Tozzi BusinessWeek

Lost Planet 2 Game Review
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Why the future of fashion is German
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A Solid Fourth Quarter for Skechers
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Blair Waldorf Feels a Pleasant Shudder
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Use code holyship for free shipping on
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Anthony Morrison Tranont OneView Scam
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Fashion Tips for Women in their 40s
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Be aware of fake Timberland boots through rush of strom Timberland upsurge
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Published 19 May 2009.

(whole)saling through tough times

“When times are tough and business may be dwindling it’s easy to sit back woefully, but remember the chain of command: customers buy from shops what they love, shops buy from you what they love, you make what they love. How easy was that? From my experience as a sales rep I’ve been with small and large brands as they surf the tough times. Here are the tricks I’ve seen in action and apply to my own business.” Read on

Karen Benn Design*Sponge

Published 11 March 2009.

The Art of Pricing: Preparing for wholesaling

“Wholesaling is yet another factor to consider as you price your work. Wholesaling is when a boutique or another reseller approaches you to purchase your items in bulk, usually expecting a discount for the large order. The expected discounts are between 30% and 60%, most often settling around 50%. These discounts are large, which is why it is so important to carefully consider how wholesaling could work for you before you price your items.” Read on

The Storque, Etsy.com

Published 03 March 2009.

Tool kit (Going to Market)

ADU design and craft market checklist
This resource summarises and builds on an ADU story on Australian craft and design markets. It covers whether markets are right for you, the pros, choosing a market, pre- and post-market preparation and has information on upcoming events.
ADU design retailer list – Australia
This is an essential resource for anyone looking to find Australian stockists for their products. It includes details and information on over 200 retailers of design products from around Australia. Last updated October 2009. 
*new* ADU guide to wholesaling
Devised with the assistance of retailers and established design businesses, this guide takes you through the six key steps you need to take before you begin wholesaling. Topics covered include researching and targeting retailers, pricing, payment terms, retailer pet hates, the marketing collateral you are expected to supply and more.
Design Victoria: The Case for Export
Using case studies of successful exporters, articles, lists of guides grants and other information the publication The Case for Export provides tips and explores the skills required to export design and outlines opportunities available and pitfalls to avoid.
Resource: Ausindustry
AusIndustry is the Australian Government’s principal business program delivery division in the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.
Maybelline Eye Studo Color Tattoo 24
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The New Fashion In Trash
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PR Specialist Careers in Fashion
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Finding Top Shelf Cigars for Bottom Shelf Prices
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Is The ETQ TG72K12 The Best Portable Generator in Its Class
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Why American Oil Companies Passed on Shale Gas
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How Would You Like To Have A Career In Fashion Design
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How To Make An Old
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Part magazine, part bulletin, part business resource, ADU is a publication and archive about design and creativity published monthly to encourage and support designers. ADU is an independent and strongly collaborative voice within the design sector with a broad network that connects designers from across the country to the resources they need. ADU is also a vehicle for workshops, forums and exhibitions produced to encourage discourse and develop skills around design, creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas. ADU collaborates with design institutions and existing initiatives to enable designers to develop new markets at home and abroad. ADU is a joint venture between Parcel and Studio Propeller.
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Do You Put on Sunblock Before the Makeup Primer
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Think About Starting A Fashion Design Business
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Finding the best vintage fashion apparels
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5 Ways The English Language Has Gone To Hell
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How to Put Together a Fashion Show
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What Kind of Salary Does a Fashion Buyer Earn
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Be Wise When Shopping For Designer Costumes Online
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The Miniskirt A British Style Icon
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