Getting started

Getting started in business is exciting but requires a focused plan. What are the first steps to take, and in what order? How much do I share with others, and who are the right people to involve early on. And most importantly, how do I write a creative business plan?

While the creative industry has its own set of rules, it is important to remember that those rules are fundamentally the same in the business world. The sooner you start to understand that designing your business is the foundation for everything to follow, the easier it will be to make good decisions that lead to a successful creative business.

Here Stefan Kahn, Founder and Director of Compact Desk, discusses the steps to take when getting started. Read on

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Tool kit (Getting started)

Arts Queensland:
Business planning FAQs
This document forms part of Arts Queensland’s Creative Business Toolbox. It answers some of the key questions creative SMEs have when formulating a business plan.
Australian Anthill:
How to choose a winning business name
In this article, Tony Eades provides tips on how to avoid choosing a bad business name.
Australian Taxation Office:
Checklist for people starting a new business
A brochure that outlines some basic but important tax issues to check when starting a new business.
Australian Taxation Office:
Choosing a business structure
This introduction for small business operators outlines the four most commonly used business structures in Australia, going through their advantages and disadvantages.
Australian Taxation Office:
Tax basics for small business
The ATO has produced this guide to introduce small business owners to their tax obligations.
New to business checklist

Developed by the Federal Government, this checklist covers many of the basic issues you need to know about when you’re new to business. It also contains links to all the necessary bodies.
Business Victoria:
Step-by-step guide on how to register your business
This guide takes about 10 minutes and will help you choose your business structure, register your business, protect your business name and register for tax and other licenses and registrations.
Creative Choices:
It’s creative but is it a business?
Part of a series by David Parrish, this article focuses on business feasibility and helps you to decide whether or not you can make a business from your creativity.
Flying Solo:
Five tips for naming your business
Naming your business name is one of the first steps in starting your own enterprise. Flying Solo’s Heather Smith has devised this guide to help you choose a name that will be appropriate now and in the future.
The University of Western Sydney has developed SMExcellence – a free online interactive learning platform designed to assist small business owners and managers. There are numerous free resources on the site that will be of use to SMEs including online workshop modules on finance, marketing, law, operations management and human resources.
Small Business Tool Kit
Small Business NSW has launched a tool kit that includes free information, quizzes and checklists and case studies to help you prepare for business, run your business and plan your success.
SmartCompany: If I knew then what I know now
One of the big problems with starting a business is that you don’t know what you don’t know – SmartCompany asked established entrepreneurs to share their best ‘if I knew then what I know now’ start up tip.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
Creativity and Business
This chapter by David Parrish asks fundamental questions about why you are in a creative business or plan to be, helps you to consider what your goals are and your business’ feasibility.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
Making a business plan
This article by David Parrish outlines the key ideas behind business planning and key things to consider when planning for a successful creative business.
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