Tool kit

Here sample contracts, agreements, checklists, glossaries, and the essential tools for running a design business can be downloaded. This area covers the fundamentals of running a creative design business, from contracts and IP, to going to market, finances and marketing your ideas.

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Tool kit (Contracts and IP)

Distribution agreement
This checklist goes through all the key areas of a distribution agreement. It is intended to help business owners consider and understand all areas of a contract prior to agreeing to it.
Licensing agreement
This checklist goes through all the key areas of a licensing agreement. It is intended to help business owners to consider and understand all areas of a contract with a potential licensor prior to agreeing to it.
Manufacturing agreement
This checklist goes through all the key areas of a manufacturing agreement. It is intended to help business owners consider and understand all areas of a contract created with or by a potential manufacturer prior to agreeing to it.
Partnership agreement
This checklist goes through all the key areas of a partnership agreement. It is intended to help individuals consider and understand all areas of a contract created with a potential partner prior to agreeing to it.
Design Victoria:
Make Your Mark – A guide to intellectual property for industrial designers
This comprehensive guide on intellectual property was written for the design industry. It contains practical information and case studies and explains IP protection and related issues for designers.
Legal terms
This downloadable glossary was created by Peter English of Surry Partners Lawyers and includes definitions of common legal terms that you may come across in your business dealings.
IP Toolbox: Confidentiality agreement generator
The IP Toolbox is an online guide developed by IP Australia on the use and management of intellectual property. The website features a free Confidentiality agreement generator to help you create an agreement to be signed prior to discussing or showing your ideas, innovations, products and secret information with other parties.
IP Toolbox:
Contractor agreement generator
The IP Toolbox is an online guide developed by IP Australia on the use and management of intellectual property. The website features a free Contractor agreement generator to help you create a tailored contract to suit your particular transaction.
Sample contract:
Confidentiality agreement – Generic
This is a downloadable sample of a generic confidentiality agreement. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Confidentiality agreement – Project-based
This is a downloadable sample of a confidentiality agreement for use within a specific project. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Contractor agreement – Short
This is a downloadable sample of a contractor agreement. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Contractor agreement – Long
This is a downloadable sample of a contractor agreement. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Joint venture agreement
This is an example of an agreement that may be created between two parties embarking on a joint venture. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Manufacturing agreement
This sample agreement may be useful when making an arrangement with a manufacturer. It covers designs made now and in the future. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Sample contract:
Terms and conditions (retail)
This is a downloadable sample of some standard terms and conditions to be used when establishing a relationship with a retailer. All sections will need to be adapted to suit your business.
Sample contract:
Tax invoice
This is a downloadable sample of a standard tax invoice. Invoices are used to request payment, describe goods or services, list a price and terms of payment. This is a sample only and must be adapted to suit your situation.
Resource: Arts Law Centre of Australia
The Arts Law Centre of Australia is a community legal centre for the arts. They provide free business and legal advice for artists, designers and arts organisations.
Resource: Australian Copyright Council
Provides information, advice and training about copyright in Australia. Their website features comprehensive information including copyright guides and info sheets.
Resource: Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC)
ASIC regulates companies, financial service organisations and financial markets. Access their website to search for company and business names and also to download forms, publications and information.
Provides essential information and resources for those starting, running or terminating a business.
Resource: IP Australia
The government department responsible for the administration of trademarks, patents, designs and Plant Breeders Rights. Access the website for information, publications, searching of registrations and trademark application kits.
Resource: Private trademark research companies
There are many private research companies that can provide searches for Australian and overseas trademarks. Acromark and Searchmark are examples.
Resource: Youth and Enterprise Legal Centre
Provides free legal information as well as reduced cost advice to those in business on areas such as intellectual property, employment law and trade practices. Gives preference to those who are unable to pay market rates for legal assistance.

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Tool kit (Going to Market)

ADU design and craft market checklist
This resource summarises and builds on an ADU story on Australian craft and design markets. It covers whether markets are right for you, the pros, choosing a market, pre- and post-market preparation and has information on upcoming events.
ADU design retailer list – Australia
This is an essential resource for anyone looking to find Australian stockists for their products. It includes details and information on over 200 retailers of design products from around Australia. Last updated October 2009. 
*new* ADU guide to wholesaling
Devised with the assistance of retailers and established design businesses, this guide takes you through the six key steps you need to take before you begin wholesaling. Topics covered include researching and targeting retailers, pricing, payment terms, retailer pet hates, the marketing collateral you are expected to supply and more.
Design Victoria: The Case for Export
Using case studies of successful exporters, articles, lists of guides grants and other information the publication The Case for Export provides tips and explores the skills required to export design and outlines opportunities available and pitfalls to avoid.
Resource: Ausindustry
AusIndustry is the Australian Government’s principal business program delivery division in the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.
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Tool kit (Marketing)

Australia Council for the Arts: SAUCE media relations guide
This comprehensive starting guide was written by Judith James for the Australia Council and is a fantastic introduction to working with the media for anyone working in the arts or design.
Australian media contact list
This media contact list includes details of editors and reporters at Australian newspapers, lifestyle, fashion and other magazines, as well as contacts and information on inhouse and freelance stylists and art directors within the publishing industry. (Last updated March 2010)
Photographers list
Having good photographs of your products is essential. Good photography will help you sell a product and is a prerequisite for media coverage. Attached is a list of some of top Australian photographers to help you find someone that can capture you and your business.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
The magic of marketing
In this article David Parrish outlines the meaning of marketing for a creative businesses and what it takes to reach customers and create a successful creative enterprise.
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Tool kit (Finances)

Arts Queensland: Determine your selling price
This fact sheet provides definitions of important terms related to selling prices and provides calculations to help you devise various gross profit and other cost types.
Arts Queensland: Preparing a cash flow budget
A cash flow budget records the cash you expect to receive and pay out over a period of time. This fact sheet takes you through the various factors to consider when creating this type of budget.
Australian Taxation Office: Record keeping essentials
A comprehensive guide to record keeping for business that outlines basic to advanced methods for keeping records in a variety of industries.
Business Victoria:
Cash flow statements and forecasts
Developed by Business Victoria to help SMEs to understand cash flow and forecasting, this article includes links to an automated cash flow template.
Business Victoria:
Records management
This article by Business Victoria includes a checklist on the kind of business records all Australian SMEs need to keep and how long you need to keep them for.
NAB Microenterprise Loans
NAB Microenterprise Loans are unsecured business loans of between $500 and $20,000. They are provided on a non-for-profit basis and are available to help start ups or existing businesses of five or fewer employees.
Small Business NSW:
Pricing and costing online module
This free online interactive module will help SMEs understand profit, cost structures, setting prices, break-even point and the difference between cash flow and profit.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
Counting your money
This chapter by David Parrish covers financial topics including cash flow, generating income and ensuring long-term financial security.
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Tool kit (Getting started)

Arts Queensland:
Business planning FAQs
This document forms part of Arts Queensland’s Creative Business Toolbox. It answers some of the key questions creative SMEs have when formulating a business plan.
Australian Anthill:
How to choose a winning business name
In this article, Tony Eades provides tips on how to avoid choosing a bad business name.
Australian Taxation Office:
Checklist for people starting a new business
A brochure that outlines some basic but important tax issues to check when starting a new business.
Australian Taxation Office:
Choosing a business structure
This introduction for small business operators outlines the four most commonly used business structures in Australia, going through their advantages and disadvantages.
Australian Taxation Office:
Tax basics for small business
The ATO has produced this guide to introduce small business owners to their tax obligations.
New to business checklist

Developed by the Federal Government, this checklist covers many of the basic issues you need to know about when you’re new to business. It also contains links to all the necessary bodies.
Business Victoria:
Step-by-step guide on how to register your business
This guide takes about 10 minutes and will help you choose your business structure, register your business, protect your business name and register for tax and other licenses and registrations.
Creative Choices:
It’s creative but is it a business?
Part of a series by David Parrish, this article focuses on business feasibility and helps you to decide whether or not you can make a business from your creativity.
Flying Solo:
Five tips for naming your business
Naming your business name is one of the first steps in starting your own enterprise. Flying Solo’s Heather Smith has devised this guide to help you choose a name that will be appropriate now and in the future.
The University of Western Sydney has developed SMExcellence – a free online interactive learning platform designed to assist small business owners and managers. There are numerous free resources on the site that will be of use to SMEs including online workshop modules on finance, marketing, law, operations management and human resources.
Small Business Tool Kit
Small Business NSW has launched a tool kit that includes free information, quizzes and checklists and case studies to help you prepare for business, run your business and plan your success.
SmartCompany: If I knew then what I know now
One of the big problems with starting a business is that you don’t know what you don’t know – SmartCompany asked established entrepreneurs to share their best ‘if I knew then what I know now’ start up tip.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
Creativity and Business
This chapter by David Parrish asks fundamental questions about why you are in a creative business or plan to be, helps you to consider what your goals are and your business’ feasibility.
T-Shirts and Suits: A guide to the business of creativity,
Making a business plan
This article by David Parrish outlines the key ideas behind business planning and key things to consider when planning for a successful creative business.
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About ADU
Part magazine, part bulletin, part business resource, ADU is a publication and archive about design and creativity published monthly to encourage and support designers. ADU is an independent and strongly collaborative voice within the design sector with a broad network that connects designers from across the country to the resources they need. ADU is also a vehicle for workshops, forums and exhibitions produced to encourage discourse and develop skills around design, creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas. ADU collaborates with design institutions and existing initiatives to enable designers to develop new markets at home and abroad. ADU is a joint venture between Parcel and Studio Propeller.
Be part of ADU
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